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Supporting joint sleeves

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Article description

  • More mobility in the fields of trade, industry and service
  • Extensive assortment for numerous joints of the VAGBMW and MERCEDES-BENZ axles
  • Comprehensive set of supporting joint sleeves for the most popular models
  • Use with press stand V2885 and 14 t compressive hydraulic cylinder V2869
  • Effective and comfortable work thanks to the compact design of the cylinder
  • Advantages of the ball joint ejector V5916-XL: 8.8 t compressive force
  • Pressing out ball joint pivots and stabilizers
  • Pressing out steering and brake levers on commercial vehicles and buses
  • Including multibox
  • Lightweight plastic box
  • Maximum loading capacity: 90 kg
  • Insert measurement / drawer size: M (282 x 393 mm)

Technical Specifications

Insert measurement / drawer size
M (282 x 393 mm)
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