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Ball joint ejector ∙ hydraulic 8.8 tonnes

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Article description

  • For the hydraulic removal of the ball joint pivots on steering tie rods as well as stabilisers, or steering and brake levers for trucks and buses, with a maximum compressive force of 8.8 tonnes
  • Height adjustment 81 and 113 mm and diameter adjustable to 42 and 56 mm
  • The design optimises access to hard-to-reach areas
  • The tool can, with the help of the spacer rings provided, be set at various stroke lengths
  • Pressure feet installed on both sides to enable work in areas with restricted access
  • The safety strap provided prevents the tool from falling down after use
  • Operation with hydraulic pump V2846V2847 (700 bar)
  • Especially installed for modern aluminium steering knuckles with conically tapered screws
  • z 7.0 kg
  • Net weight: 7 kg

Technical Specifications

Net weight (kg)
7 kg
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