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Pressure spindle set ∙ manual

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Article description

  • Manual pressure spindle set for mechanical operation of specialty tools
  • Included in the set are four thrust rods of varying lengths with which the use of different tools is guaranteed
  • Use with
    V3072 ∙ V2858NV3147V3649V3148V2885V2920 and V2937
  • Spindle and adapter are designed especially for pneumatically supported operation, making work with an impact wrench up to a maximum of 1000 Nm tightening torque possible
  • Effective transfer of spindle forces is at a maximum of 15 tonnes
  • In the case of frequent work with supporting joints, bushes and drive shafts, we recommend using the 8.5  –  22 tonne hydraulic cylinder
  • Mechanical drive
  • The benefits for you:
  • Valuable and durable due to the high quality of the material (12.9 quality)
  • Flexible application: suitable for impact operation. Compatible with all pulling and pushing systems
  • Cost-efficient alternative to hydraulic cylinders
  • Additional impact function under load
  • Optimised thread pitch of the spindles adapted to the enormous power transmission

Technical Specifications

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