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Hydraulic spring vice with 10 spring plates

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Article description

  • Can be used for almost any spring strut and shock absorber in the field of passenger cars as well as lightweight vans
  • Also for MERCEDES-BENZ C-Class (W203), newer BMW and VAG spring struts, with electronic shock absorbers (EDC, DCC)
  • By gripping the springs within the spring windings any possible awkward parts on the shock absorber are irrelevant and have no influence on the operation of the spring vice
  • Can be used both for left and right-hand wound springs
  • Precise alignment of spring and shock absorber struts
  • Also for separating steering knuckles and spring struts by relieving strain on the spring strut directly on the vehicle without removing the axle shaft, axle alignment possibly no longer required
  • Tripod with included rollers enables stowing and mobile work with the spring vice – no work bench space needed
  • Reverse placement of the supporting frame for use of the spring vice as an additional hydraulic support and can be used with 2.1 tonnes of force, e.g. for work on control arms or supporting joints
  • "Quick pin" mechanism allows quick and easy repositioning of the spring vice in order to use the three functions: gripping the spring, separating the steering knuckles from the spring struts and as a hydraulic support
  • Sturdy tripod foot with locking element and positioning mechanism for a stable and balanced footing
  • When tensioning old springs which are more likely to break, the robust safety belt serves as an additional safety feature
  • Including all spring plates (4x V4352, 4x V4353 ∙ 2x V4354)
  • Hydraulic pump with a working pressure of 700 bar is required for operation (V2846 / V2847)
  • Weight: 44 kg
  • Capacity: 2.1 tonnes
  • Stroke: 430 mm
  • Spring plate ⌀ 70 – 160 mm

Pre-tensioning the spring

One function of the spring vice is to compress the spring when installed. This serves to separate the entire spring unit from the steering knuckle. There is no need to loosen the drive shaft and the supporting joint. This results in considerable time saving. Other systems require additional tools for this application

Tensioning the spring

Movable gripping jaws ensure optimum adaptation to the pitch of the spring winding. This results in a larger contact surface on the spring and prevents damage to the spring surface.
The height of spring vice V4476N can be adjusted so that it can adapt to different shock absorber and spring lengths. A high degree of security and flexibility is guaranteed when all safety precautions are observed. Safe working is ensured by the rear operation of the spring vice, thus minimising the risk of injury. The permanently installed safety band serves as additional protection against breaking springs during the tensioning process

Integrated support

The spring vice can also be converted into a hydraulic support. With this application, the 2.1 t of compressive force are a practical aid when working on handlebars or supporting joints

Information about the spring strut

The spring strut in a vehicle has a tensioned spring that is under the enormous pressure from the car body resting on it. To ensure safety and driving comfort, it absorbs shocks and impacts. However, the spring is a sensitive wear part due to the continuous load

In order to guarantee safety, the spring needs to be replaced immediately if it is damaged. As changing springs is a high risk activity, it should be carried out with professional tools. Depending on the vehicle, high forces are required to replace chassis parts

Technical Specifications

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