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Order number: V5913

Basic set of slotted bushings

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Article description

  • Universal crimping of slotted bushings
  • Slotted silent blocks must be installed in the beam under pretension
  • Using a vice or a hydraulic unit in combination with the included clamping device, the bushing is tensioned before installation
  • Thanks to the locking pin, no constant pressure needs to be exerted on the clamping device
  • Pressure sleeve set V5914 or V5066 is required to press around the bushing
  • The set includes shells for bushings with diameters of: 65 ∙ 70 ∙ 75 ∙ 80 ∙ 85 ∙ 95 mm
  • Recommended for use with 32 tonnes hydraulic cylinder V2874 (not included)

Technical Specifications

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