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Wheel and rim puller for commercial vehicles

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Article description

  • Rim puller for efficient and safe removal of stuck wheels/rims
  • Quick, effortless removal in just a few minutes
  • Three receiving adapters for pressure sleeves in a set for commercial vehicle ∙ bus ∙ trailer rims: 22.5″ ∙ 19.5″ ∙ 17.5″
  • Application with an impact wrench, alternating pressure on screw connections
  • Four rim hooks fit into most rim ventilation holes
  • Saves time and labour, essential investment for workshops that encounter stuck wheels
  • Traditional methods are tedious, dangerous and reduce workshop productivity
  • The rim is loose in just a few minutes
  • 1. Install the pin ring
  • 2. Install the mounting rod
  • 3. Install the hook and chain
  • 4. Use an impact wrench to pull the rim off the hub

Technical Specifications

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