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Cooling system diagnosis set

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Article description

  • Passenger car diagnostics
  • New adapter series with approx. 20 % space saving per adapter
  • VIGOR cooling system lids have approx. 20 % less height than comparable products on the market
  • Comfortable and efficient work, by reaching almost all expansion tanks
  • Greatest market coverage
  • Including adapter no. 23 for common vehicle models such as AUDI A3 ∙ A4 ∙ VW Golf ∙ Passat ∙ Polo
  • Complete set for service work on the cooling system and heating circuit
  • Comprehensive range of adapters for vehicles with water-cooled engines
  • 3 features: pressure test (check for leaks in radiator system) ∙ filling ∙ cleaning
  • Control of pressure loss via manometer
  • Filling creates a vacuum in the radiator system (Advantage: coolant is sucked in without air bubbles)
  • Enables filling of even large engines without thermal influences
  • Universal usage due to conical rubber radiator adapter
  • Measuring range: 0 – 2.5 bar


Technical Specifications

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