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Flue gas leakage tester

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Article description

  • Leakage detection in closed systems
  • Leaks are quickly visualised through the application of flue gas
  • Operation via the 12 V on-board power supply
  • Pressurisation by means of "air" mode and integrated manometer possible without further aids
  • Smoke generation with suitable aid (vegetable glycerine 99.5% or baby care oil)
  • Universal application option thanks to various adapters
  • Built-in air compressor
  • Automatic safety shutdown in case of imminent overheating
  • Infinitely adjustable air flow
  • Diverse application possibilities, for example:
    • Intake and boost pressure system
    • Crankcase
    • Exhaust gas and exhaust gas recirculation system
    • Fuel system
    • Adblue and additive system
    • Tyres
    • Air conditioning system
    • EVAP fuel system (US vehicles)
    • Car body and glazing
    • (wind noise, moisture penetration, etc.)

Technical Specifications

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